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Luxury Weddings

Luxury Weddings

KYM Signature Luxury Weddings  Equals An Unforgettable Experience

Whether you seek intimate romance or all-out glamour on a grand scale, our Savannah based team of experienced luxury wedding planners are renowned for creating inspirational and magical weddings. KYM Signature® has orchestrated dozens of beautiful ceremonies, some traditional, some contemporary, some a glorious fusion of the two. Our team can tailor every aspect of the day to the wishes of the bride and groom — and no request is too small for the most important day of your life.

We work closely with our clients every step of the way to align our creative visions with their dreams for the big day, whether we’re sourcing exotic flowers, booking an exclusive venue or finalizing the design for the guest’s place cards — every detail is meticulously managed and realized beautifully, so you can relax and focus on saying “I DO”.

Venue Selection

Our venue sourcing skills are unrivaled and our expansive network of industry connections means we have exclusive access to the most unique and unusual locations. Whether you wish to have a luxurious wedding in Savannah, Dubai or in London, in a traditional English country garden, or in the sleek modernity of a contemporary art gallery. Our team will make it happen. We also welcome more adventurous couples seeking unforgettable experiences, so if you want to get married underwater, in an opera house, in a cave, or at 5,000 feet above sea level, you can trust our venue researchers to uncover the most breath-taking locations.

Event Management

Our stellar events management specialists handle every aspect of your wedding so your day will be spent with laughter and love. We will meticulously co-ordinate the wedding on your behalf, coordinating with vendors and external parties to ensure this special day is the perfect start to your future together. We also carefully manage your budget to insure that you financially remain on track. Guests will also be taken care of, long before they arrive. We’ll arrange transport to guarantee safe arrivals, and we’ll coordinate with Hotels to arrange luxurious rooms and suites for all of your guests.

Styling & Design

Your wedding should be as unique as your relationship. Here at KYM Signature®, we will dream up the perfect theme to represent you as a couple. The traditional white wedding is coveted by many, but we also have vast experience of designing custom themes that showcase the bride and groom’s personalities. Our creative designers specialize not only in Luxury Weddings and party planning, but also in experiential events so if you’re seeking a winter wedding in shades of ice blue, or a vintage summer event with colorful bouquets and a stand-out dress, our wedding planners will make your wedding an unforgettable experience for you and all of your guests.

Destination Weddings

From Dubai to Monaco to Marrakech, and from Rome to Rio to Savannah, we plan destination weddings anywhere in the world. We strategize with our trusted international suppliers and vendors to source awe-inspiring destinations and make your wedding a truly global event. Whether you want to marry on a beach, by a lake, or in a metropolitan hot spot, we’ll organize every element of your celebration. The venue, the place settings, the flowers, the cuisine and even your guests will be meticulously taken care of so you can relax and enjoy your special day.

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