What Are Lifestyle Managers?


One who acts as an intermediary between your personal, home and business life by providing watchful care, management and coordination. Our dedicated lifestyle managers represent and manage responsibilities on behalf of our clients, ensuring that the client’s best interests are at the heart in every decision we make. The primary role of a lifestyle manager is to provide clients with oversight and coordination of every facet of their life including life management strategies and enabling services to ensure that our clients’ lifestyle goals are catered to at all times, exceeding expectations on every level.


Feeling overwhelmed? Are you struggling to cope with a busy lifestyle?  Are you seeking a more balanced life?  Are you feeling to accessible?  Would you like to simplify your life by having one central point of contact to liaison between your personal + business teams?

Let us transform your desires into your reality.

Our lifestyle managers, specialists and client ambassadors passionately fulfill client requests from a comprehensive portfolio of concierge and lifestyle management services. The minute our clients tells us about their request and their specifications our dedicated specialists are able to tap into our years of expertise and locate the ultimate solution to their requirements. 

At KYM Signature Concierge we offer our clients a full range of lifestyle management services. Our service not only includes exceptional travel, fabulous entertainment and VIP ticket access but also an international service that is expertly tailored to each client’s specific requests.

 Lifestyle managers are on call and available to clients 24/7 – 365 days a year.KYM Signature Lifestyle Services
Essentially our lifestyle management service provides knowledgeable solutions for high-net-worth individuals, busy corporate clients, VIPs and celebrities and is accessible globally.  To find out more about our Lifestyle Management services and how we can assist you call us at (912) 421-1583 or email us at concierge@kymsignature.com.